Weatherize with Silicone to Make Energy Savings Last

When heating and cooling costs have your back against the wall, it’s time for a DIY project–air sealing.

You can save money and energy and help the environment by sealing gaps and cracks with silicone caulk. An easy task for most handy homeowners, it can cut home heating and cooling costs by as much as 14 percent. Here are hints on how:

Step 1: Select the right caulk. Not all caulk provides energy savings over time. Silicone caulk does. Unlike acrylic caulk, silicone is permanently flexible, shrink- and crack-proof and waterproof.

In fact, silicone remains unaffected by all weather and temperature conditions so gaps and cracks, where energy dollars can pass, will not form.

Leaks are never a good thing but even more dangerous when you assume they don’t exist following your sealing efforts.

Step 2: Weatherize before “weather” hits…and now is about as perfect a time as it gets! Don’t put off weatherizing until it’s cold out and your energy dollars have already gone up the chimney.

Step 3: Search the house for leaks and seal the gaps with silicone. Air can enter or exit a house through cracks and openings in many places.

Some of the most common areas to find leaks:
• Attic
• Basement
• Doors and Windows
• Plumbing and Wiring Entrance Sites

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