Pure Water Cleaning

Window Cleaning has been around for over 100 years, and throughout those years, experts and professionals have evolved the practice and techniques used to thoroughly clean residential and commercial buildings. One process that stands above the rest is Pure Water Window Cleaning.

This process uses 100% purified water manufactured onsite to agitate the dirt, residue, and cobwebs from the glass and frames and rinse it away to the ground using very low pressure 40-60 psi. The amount of water used is ½ to ¾ GPM, a very low volume that equals out to much less than running your sprinkler system for half and hour. The water is pumped from the van to the water fed carbon fiber pole reaching up to 60’ or five stories from the ground. This keeps the professional firmly planted on the ground performing a very thorough job. The windows are washed and rinsed with a soft bristle brush and left to air dry minutes later with a perfectly clean spot free clean.

Our five step filtration system starts with a 10 micron filter,5 micron charcoal filter, descaler, Reverse Osmosis Membranes and a final polish with a mixedbed Deionization filter. This brings the total PPM or parts-to-million down to 0; which also acts like a detergent. This process strips everything from the water bringing it to its purest state.

After our initial visit we evaluate each property on an individual base for the ability to maintain the window units during future visits with our state of the art Pure Water Window Cleaning system.

Check out this video created by the British Window Cleaning Academy on the Reach & Watch system.


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