Scratch and Acid Graffiti Removal

Are you throwing away glass? Tons of glass and millions of dollars are wasted each year when glass becomes scratched in production, shipping, and installation or through post-installation use and vandalism. Until now there have been no viable alternatives except to throw glass away and start over.

Now Window Wizards uses Shat-R-Proof™ Scratch Removal that offers a revolutionary process that allows you to remove scratches quickly, cleanly, cheaply and on-site. Shat-R-Proof™ Scratch Removal works excellently on all types of glass including tempered, annealed, plate, laminated, insulated, and even mirrored! The system even works on curved glass and can maneuver around corners and edges. Here are some of the many features that benefit your bottom line:

  • Cost Effective – Saves money in manufacturing, distribution or fabrication environments by reducing scrapped glass. Cost effective in the field by saving the cost of removal, replacement, and reinstallation!
  • Mobile – Use where scratched glass occurs: in the manufacturing plant, on building sites, in offices, homes or parking lots. Requires only a 110-volt outlet.
  • Versatile – Perfect for laminated, curved, tempered, annealed, insulated, plate, and mirrored glass.
  • Clean – The system is self-contained and vacuum seals to the glass. This eliminates splattering and mess associated with other scratch removal systems.
  • Efficient – The Finer System is designed to remove deep scratches where there is chipping or flaking of the scratch. The Finer can even remove glass cutter scratches. The Polisher System is designed to remove lighter scratches that you can feel with your fingernail. It is also designed to remove fining marks.

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