Solar Screen Installation Dallas

Installed on the outside of your homes windows, these screens effectively act as a “black out” allowing the suns light to come through while keeping solar radiation out. Compared to complete window replacement solar screen installation in Dallas is by far the most cost effective solution for keeping the cool in and keeping the heat out.

Stay Cool In The Hot Dallas Summers

Dallas average summer temperatures range are around 95 degrees. As you know, staying cool and keeping energy costs low can be a challenge. Window Wizards can help you save up to 20% on their summer cooling costs by installing solar window screens.

Added Privacy

Got nosey neighbors? Solar screens also add privacy to your homes window acting as a tint of sorts. Solar screens compared to solar film will be not only more cost effective, they also last longer. Where solar film tends to bubble over time, you will not have that problem with solar screens.

Reduce Energy Costs

Studies have been done showing that solar screens can reduce your air conditioning costs by up to 60% during the summer months. Solar screens will also lead to lower temperatures inside your home by 10-15 degrees.

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