Green Initiatives

We have decided to go green. We will be making changes in many areas of our business to reduce our carbon footprint and save our natural resources.

  • New line of Cleaners – We have brought on a new line of organic non-toxic cleaners. Where feasible we have already made the transition to a “Green” product line. All of our Window Cleaners have been changed over already. We continue to do research in our industry to find and implement new comparable cleaners. As they become available we add them to our arsenal.
  • Cleaning Towels – We currently use recycled and sanitized blue surgical huck towels. These save a ton of trees compared to window cleaners that still use paper towels. We also use organic detergents for washing our towels.
  • Optimizing routes for our crews –The Client Management Software that we use has route optimization features that we use in creating zones so that we may save on gas expenditures and time traveling between appointments.
  • Emailing Information – By emailing Estimates, Invoices and Brochures instead of Faxing, Printing and Mailing, Our paper usage has dropped dramatically.
Project Typical Cost Return On Investment
Lighten and brighten home, wash windows 86 to $100    768%
Clean and de-clutter $305 to $339    594%
Landscape and trim front yard and backyard $432 to $506    266%
Repair electrical and plumbing problems $338 to $381    196%
Spruce up decor, including flowers $812 to $1,089    169%
Update kitchen and bathroom $1,546 to $2,120    138%