Mirror Scratch Removal

Scratched glass, tabletops, or acid vandalized windows can be polished or resurfaced, creating substantial savings over replacement costs.

Mirror Cleaning

See yourself in a new light after having your mirrors professionally cleaned for a truly beautiful reflection.

Interior Light Fixture Cleaning

Chandeliers command attention. Do not let a dull appearance take away from your beautiful fixtures. Let us clean your lights to a like-new shine.

Light Bulb Replacement

Dealing with burned out bulbs in high hard to reach light fixtures? Why? Provide us with your bulbs and let us tackle your tall tasks.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Indoor and outdoor fans need to be cleaned regularly to maintain a proper appearance and to operate efficiently.

High Dusting & Cobweb Removal

High ledges and exterior foyers can present dangerous or inconvenient cleaning challenges for homeowners. Empty bird nests in hard to reach areas can create other eyesores that we can safely remove and clean out in these high areas.

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