Interior Upkeep

When it comes to the value, appeal, and health of your home, it goes much further than exterior looks. Yes, at Window Wizards, we know first impressions are extremely important, but it’s what’s on the inside that makes your guest feel welcome. And in today’s real estate market, you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to selling your home. Even if you are thinking of selling in the distant future, there are ways to keep your home up-to-date and sell-worthy…as well as comfortable and livable.

Window Wizards has put together a list of interior jobs that need to be completed on a regular basis to keep your home up to par and running smoothly:

SCRATCH REMOVAL: Scratched glass, tabletops, or acid vandalized windows are an eyesore. No one wants to look out of the window only to see a huge scratch across their view. Save yourself money later on and fix these as they come. They can be polished or “resurfaced,” creating substantial savings over replacement costs.

MIRROR CLEANING: When you look in the mirror, what do you see? If it’s a smudge or stain, you’re missing what’s really there, YOU!  See yourself in a new light after having your mirrors professionally cleaned for a truly beautiful reflection.

INTERIOR LIGHT FIXTURE CLEANING: Chandeliers command attention. They are a major focus point in any room and add class, grandeur and extravagance.  Do not let a dull appearance take away from your beautiful fixtures. Clean your lights to a like-new shine.

LIGHT BULB REPLACEMENT: Dealing with burned out bulbs in high light fixtures? Why? You don’t want to change a difficult light when it’s wet and cold outside! During our visit, we can replace the hard to reach interior bulbs or exterior flood lights for you.

CEILING FANS: Indoor (and outdoor) fans need to be cleaned regularly to maintain a proper appearance and to operate efficiently. If your fan is lopsided and rattling, you are wasting money on the energy it takes to power it. When a fan runs smoothly, it runs efficiently. It also runs cleanly. Fans collect a majority of the dust and allergens in your home; keeping them cleaned decreases this.

HIGH DUSTING / COBWEB REMOVAL: High ledges and exterior foyers can present dangerous or inconvenient cleaning challenges for homeowners. Empty bird nests in hard to reach areas can create other eyesores that we can safely remove and clean out in these high areas.

You’re home can run efficiently form the inside out! For more information about Window Wizards’ services, LIKE our Facebook page!

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