Autumn Leaves are Falling

At Window Wizards, we LOVE the changing seasons – the autumn leaves are changing and the colors are popping out everywhere! However, our homes don’t always love it as we do, especially our gutters.

Gutter and Downspout cleaning is a critical service that needs to be completed on a bi-annual basis, especially if you have trees near your home. This service removes leaves and debris from gutter systems allowing them to protect the roof, home, and foundation as they are designed to by properly moving water off and away from the house.

Leaves that fall in the gutter system collect and clog the downspouts preventing water from passing thru the system properly. Overflowing water from gutters can often times flow back into the home through the eaves or soffit potentially causing black mold and water damage. Standing water will also corrode the gutter system, shortening its life span. Gutters that hold water can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Window Wizards can help prevent these problems by offering a gutter and downspout cleaning service so you don’t have to!

Homeowners with trees on their property have their gutters cleaned at least two times a year. Visit our website and Facebook page for more information and how to schedule an appointment!

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