Avoid Winter Repairs

With the winter months looming ahead, you don’t want a home disaster to happen when it gets here. Weatherize before “weather” hits…and now is about as perfect a time as it gets! Don’t put off weatherizing until it’s cold out and your energy dollars have already gone up the chimney. The best way to prevent expensive home repairs is to be prepared BEFORE winter weather hits.

Window Wizards and Pro Master present a list of preventative projects to do right now:

  • Protect Your Plumbing.  Keep those pipes from freezing!  Both plastic and copper pipes are subject to freezing as outside ambient temperatures fall below 20°F, especially when positioned near the exterior of your home.  When pipes freeze, they often burst not from the ice expansion as typically understood, but the increased water pressure caused by the ice blockage.
  • Prune Those Trees. When large limbs accumulate ice, they may break and come crashing down on your roof, take out a fence, or destroy your car.
  • Pets In, Pests Out. Even animal lovers don’t want bats, squirrels, rodents, and other wild pests as house guests.  Cold temperatures drive these creatures indoors in search of food and shelter.  In the process of clawing, chewing or burrowing their way in, they cause unbelievable damage to homes. Such damage to soffits, siding, eves, and trim is usually discovered in the spring time, leading to costly home repairs on top of the bill from the wildlife removal specialist.
  • Prepare for Power Outages.  For under $1,000, a homeowner can purchase a battery backup sump pump and small portable generator to keep their furnace running.  Such cost is a cheap insurance policy to protect your home against the next power outage. If you need some more information on household generators, check out this website:  Electric Generators Direct.

For other projects such as window washing and gutter cleaning, let somebody else do the work! Window Wizards is one of Dallas’ most trusted and dependable service providers. Call us or check out our Facebook page today!

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