Mineral and Hard Water Deposits

When looking out your windows, what do you see? If it’s spots of mineral or hard water deposits, then you’re not getting the full potential of a view. Window Wizards has some tips for you that can help avoid those deposit stains.

Hard water deposits are caused from the buildup of calcium carbonate on windows and other surfaces from sprinkler systems or pool Polaris systems that spray water from the tail. These deposits, called “scale”, are composed mainly of calcium carbonate, magnesium hydroxide, and calcium sulfate. Calcium and magnesium carbonates tend to be deposited as off-white solids. The buildup of deposits on your window (if left unaddressed) will cause irreversible damage including up to stage two corrosion with the solution being costly window replacement.

It is crucial to try and stop this from occurring as quickly as possible. But it’s not too hard:

Sprinkler systems can be adjusted to proactively prevent cause of the problem. Polaris’ can also have the tail removed to prevent them from spraying on your windows.

You aren’t alone and we can help! Window Wizards can progressively attack this problem with light scrubbing pads to 30,000 rpm glass polishing equipment. This will leave your window sparkling like new with a spot free shine.

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