Is Your Home Ready for Fall?

Fall–and then winter–will be in Dallas before we know it. Is your home ready?

Window Wizards is! We areĀ  a premier residential and commercial window cleaning company.

Each of our offices are independently owned and operated by a highly trained and experienced professional.

We take pride in the excellent performance of our staff, completing every job with the customer in mind and never settling for less than a completely satisfied customer.

You can trust that we’ll deliver the highest standards of services. Here are some of the services we recommend before you start to move indoors for the fall and winter seasons!

Window Cleaning
A clean window gives you a perfect view of your property and an exterior that exudes a shine that is hard to miss and envied by all.

It is recommended that windows are cleaned at least twice a year (and interior once a year), with now being an ideal time.

Pure Water Window Cleaning
We have invested enormous resources in Pure Water Technology, setting us light years ahead of all our competition.

This process uses 100% purified water manufactured onsite to agitate the dirt, residue, and cobwebs from the glass and frames and rinse it away to the ground using very low pressure 40-60 psi.

Gutter and Downspout Cleaning
Gutter and downspout cleaning is a critical service that needs to be completed on a bi-annual basis especially if you have trees near your home.

Leaves that fall in the gutter system collect and clog the downspouts preventing water from passing through the system properly, resulting in clogged gutters. Overflowing water from gutters can often times flow back into the home through the eaves or soffit potentially causing black mold and water damage. Standing water will also corrode the gutter system shorting its life span.

Light Bulb Replacement

You don’t want to change a difficult light when it’s wet and cold outside! During our visit, we can replace the hard to reach interior bulbs or exterior flood lights for you.

For a list of all of our products and services, check out our Facebook page!

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