Residential Window Cleaning Dallas

A clean window gives you a perfect view of your property and an exterior that exudes a shine that is hard to miss and envied by all. It is recommended that exterior residential window cleaning occurs at least twice a year and interior once a year. Dallas clients can save money on their home maintenance by setting up a convenient residential window washing service agreement. Window Wizards can easily work around your busy schedule.

Take pride in your home appearance and have it looking its best with affordable solutions from your local Dallas Window Wizards.

Pure Water Window Cleaning

We have invested enormous resources in Pure Water Technology setting us light years ahead of all our competition. After our initial visit we evaluate each property on an individual base for the ability to maintain the window units during future visits with our state of the art pure water window cleaning system. This process uses 100% purified water manufactured onsite to agitate the dirt, residue, and cobwebs from the glass and frames and rinse it away to the ground using very low pressure 40-60 psi. The amount of water used is ½ to ¾ GPM being very low volume much less than running your sprinkler system for half and hour. The water is pumped from the van to the water fed carbon fiber pole reaching up to 60’ or five stories from the ground. This keeps us firmly planted on the ground performing a very thorough job with a spot free clean. The windows are washed and rinsed with a soft bristle brush and left to air-dry minutes later with a perfectly spot free clean.

Storm Window Cleaning

Storm windows come in various configurations consisting of removable windowpanes and/or frames. These units can be removed from either the inside or the outside of the house. These windows are designed to provide additional layers of thermal insulation and weather element protection.

The complexity of this window design requires that the glass be removed, cleaned, and properly reinstalled. This process takes much more time than that required to clean non-storm windows.

Hard Water Deposit Removal

Hard water deposits are caused by the buildup of minerals on windows and other surfaces from sprinkler systems and spray from swimming pool equipment.  It is critical to address these causes early on.  Sprinkler systems can be adjusted to correct the direction of the water they deliver away from the house, and pool equipment can be modified to not spray the windows. Unaddressed mineral deposits can cause irreversible corrosion damage.  Once such damage has occurred, the only solution is costly window replacement.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your 100% satisfaction in our residential window cleaning service.
We will always provide superior window washing service, and should some issue ever arise we will always make it right. Period.

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